Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inspiration: An Afternoon Stroll

I LOVE working with clients....let me tell you I truly do! I consider it an incredible gift from above to be able to take a clients desires and help them to expound on it to give it wings. Then to take that inspiration and make it a reality for them! There is such joy to be found there.

Few things however, bring out the joy filled kid in me much like being able to create a concept and design that speaks my language! I get so excited about these concepts as in each case I'm -in a way- the client coming to myself for the job! To be able get to create a concept and run with it. Not creating something that is what the client is looking for and that fits within the perimeters of their needs, but what I'm looking for. This is what keeps my inspiration coming...many times at 4am!

I've added a few photos from just one such "photo shoot" that we created. I invite you to come on a little afternoon stroll with me through this "garden" full of lush floral. Pick a rose or two and enjoy all the classic beauty.

Did you see her bouquet??? Here's a close up, just in case you missed it!! :)

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So there you have it...I hope it has brighten your day!

Many, many thanks to the sweet ladies at Belle Vie Artistry for there gorgeous shots and hard work on this shoot!

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