Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laying to rest.....Bloody Mary

Anyone else enjoying the crisp in the air each morning? I love this time of year...I get to revel such lovey things as apple cider, pumpkins, leaves beginning to fall (well somewhere even if they aren't in Arkansas yet)! And that always means that Halloween is just around the corner. It is a holiday like none other....the parties, costumes, decor throw such a spin of excitement our way.

Today I get to share with you a party....a Halloween party like NONE OTHER!!!!!! The story begins with an incredible woman by the name of Chris Gardner. Chris loves to throw a Halloween party and she can throw them like none other. We were so excited when she came to us for help with this massive undertaking. One afternoon of brainstorming later, wheels were set into motion for the many details behind on this very eery yet breath taking event.

Here is a glimpse into the evening! You can also read more about it in the October issue of Inviting Arkansas.

The guests were ushered to come join in the formal viewing and laying to rest of "Bloody Mary". A hand delivered invite was delivered by the Grim Reaper himself.

As the guests approached the home, they walked through a path of candle lit lanterns webbed trees, black umbrellas and even a ghost hovering over the doorway as they signed in.

For the formal viewing her body lay in the parlor. Lamps and mirrors where shrouded to show mourning. The home was given an overall haunted feeling with mirrors askew, cob webs, mummies, haunting family portraits, spiders, skulls, bones and artfully placed.

Ghosts were also "in attendance" at the party. Actors dressed like the living dead roamed silently amongst the guests.

A coffin floated in the blood stained swimming pool that was surrounded by lanterns and candlelight.

A variety of "characters" made an appearance that night. Here is just a glimpse!

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