Thursday, October 6, 2011

Real Weddings: Pretty in Pink

Meet Lauren and Joey.....two of the coolest people on the face of this planet! They are one of my all time favorite couples to have worked with! Lauren was probably the most CHILL bride I've ever seen. At our first meeting I thought now surely the stress has just not hit her yet. I was proved wrong however, as time went on she stayed just as relaxed about it all. She blew us all out of the water when the day before her wedding, she walked in to the shop with a large picnic basket full of goodies for us! We were simply ASTOUNDED.....who would think that the day before her wedding a bride would be out putting together goodies for her florist!

One of the things I loved most about Lauren was her total trust and confidence in me to create for her a lovely wedding day. In the current wedding world that so many times demands exact specification on each and every design....Lauren handed me her desires and said run with it! Having that freedom to truly manipulate the flowers as each design happened caused her flowers and everything about her day to turn out simply smashingly GORGEOUS!!!!!!

This girl LOVES....I mean like seriously now.....LOVES pink! After you see all the pictures below, you may just fall in love with it as well. It's hard not to! Her bouquet was chalk full of Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, David Austin Garden Roses and Magenta Phalaenopsis Orchids!

Check out Joey's boutonniere! I loved his pink bow tie too!

For the bridesmaids we designed these adorable bouquets. I loved how they turned out! Such a fun twist on a bridesmaid bouquet!

And for the Jr. Bridesmaids, more peonies and garden roses with a fun greenery collar!

For the ceremony we designed this incredible floral laden domed arbor! It sat in the middle of a large circle of chairs, so that they were surrounded on all sides by their loved ones and friends while they said "I do"!

Here they are at the "First Look"!

On to the reception....take a deep breath! There is so much more loveliness to feast your eyes upon!

And there you have it! One of my very favorite weddings....for one of my very favorite bride and grooms! I LOVED being apart apart of your day Lauren and Joey! Many many congrats and best wishes for a life time of happiness with each other!

Huge thanks to Photography by Melisa for the amazing pictures!

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